At Indic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional expertise in every aspect of your project, ensuring high-quality and reliable PCB assemblies that meet your exact specifications. Our unwavering commitment rests upon three fundamental pillars: People, Machine, and Process.


Our team forms the cornerstone of our expertise. We boast a highly skilled workforce of engineers, technicians, and quality control specialists, all possessing extensive experience in diverse sectors of electronics manufacturing. We are passionate about continuous learning and staying ahead of the curve by constantly updating our knowledge and skills to offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, we foster a collaborative environment, working closely with you throughout the entire process, from design review to final assembly, to ensure your unique requirements are meticulously met.

Assembly line with a smiling supervisor


We understand the importance of state-of-the-art equipment in achieving consistent quality and efficiency. That's why we invest heavily in advanced and meticulously maintained machinery, including pick-and-place machines, automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, and high-precision soldering tools. We are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance and optimize our equipment, guaranteeing access to the latest and most reliable technology. Additionally, our infrastructure and equipment are designed to accommodate diverse production volumes, allowing us to seamlessly scale our services to perfectly match your project needs.

3d Solder Paste iInspection
Reflow Oven
Screen printer
Pick and Place
Wave Soldering
Conformal Coating


Clearly defined and meticulously documented processes form the foundation of our expertise. This ensures consistency, quality, and repeatability throughout every stage of the assembly process. We implement rigorous quality control measures, starting from component procurement and extending to final inspection and testing, to guarantee the highest quality standards are consistently met. Finally, we are committed to continuous process improvement. We leverage data-driven insights to identify and implement optimizations that enhance efficiency and further elevate the quality of our services.

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