As a leader in the industrial sector, we bring forth a legacy of excellence in crafting cutting-edge electronic components and systems that drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation. At INDIC, we understand the unique challenges of industrial environments, and our robust electronic solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of manufacturing, automation, and process control. From precision sensors to advanced control systems, our commitment to industrial excellence ensures that businesses stay at the forefront of technology, navigating the path towards a more efficient, connected, and digitally empowered industrial future.

Product Portfolio

Power supply

Power supply: Industrial power supplies are a crucial component in various sectors, enabling the reliable operation of machinery, equipment and control systems.

Key loading device

Key loading device: A key loading device is a secure electronic device used to generate, inject and manage cryptographic keys for hardware security modules and other cryptographic systems. It eliminates manual key handling, reducing the risk of human error and unauthorized access.

Alternator board

Alternator board: An alternator board also known as an AVR board is an electronic device that plays a crucial role in managing the operation of an alternator, a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

EPABX Exchange card

EPABX exchange card: An Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange card is a core component of a private business phone system. It manages incoming and outgoing calls, connects extensions within the system and offers various call handling features.

VoIP gateway

VoIP gateway: Voice over internet protocol is a technology that utilizes internet infrastructure to transmit voice calls and other multimedia data.

V/UHF Radio set

V/Uhf radio set: A two-way communication device that operates in both the very high frequency and ultra-high frequency bands. This broadens its capabilities compared to a single band radio, offering greater flexibility and reach for diverse industrial needs.