Timely     Deliver:  Indic ensure that our shipment processes are optimized to     minimize transit times and uphold our promise of timely delivery to our     customers.
Tracking     and Communication: Tracking     technologies enable our customers to monitor the progress of their     shipments in real-time. By providing them with access to tracking     information, we empower them to stay informed about the status of their     orders and manage their expectations accordingly. Issue     Resolution: In     the event of any unexpected delays or issues, Indic will communicate     proactively to their customer promptly. This proactive approach minimizes     frustration and ensures a smoother resolution process.     Shipment     Consolidation: The robust shipment     consolidation program helps to provide logistic wise cost advantage and     promotes our commitment to environment sustainability by reducing carbon     footprint. Copy

Our Capabilities
Rigid PCBs
Up to 24 layers
Panel Size up to 21ʺx26ʺ
Metal core or metal backed
A wide range of laminates
Copper thickness – 8 Oz. inner layer/16 Oz. outer layer
Rigid Flex PCBs
24+ layers
A wide range of custom finishes
Metal core or metal backed
UL qualified
Flexible PCBs
Up to 20 layers
Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
Blind and buried vias
RoHS compliant
Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking and tracing of shipments are facilitated by carriers through unique tracking numbers assigned to each shipment. These allow both the sender and recipient to monitor the shipment's progress, location, and estimated delivery time online or via carrier apps.

Customs clearance and duties involve the process and fees associated with the importation of goods across international borders. Duties are taxes imposed on imports, and clearance involves adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements set by the importing country.

Sustainable shipping involves environmentally friendly practices, such as using recyclable packaging materials, optimizing shipment loads to reduce emissions, and choosing carriers that commit to carbon-neutral practices.

Shipping methods for PCBs include standard postal services, express courier services (like FedEx, UPS, DHL), and freight services for larger shipments. The choice depends on the urgency, volume, and budget.

PCBs are shipped in protective packaging, including anti-static bags and cushioning materials, within sturdy boxes. This ensures protection against physical damage, electrostatic discharge, and moisture during transit.

PCB shipping duration varies based on the shipping method, destination, and manufacturer's location. Standard shipping can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, while expedited services can reduce this time significantly.

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