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What is PCB Assembly?

Printed Circuit Board assembly is referred to as PCB assembly. It is the technique of assembling printed circuit boards with electronic components to produce working electronic devices.


SMT (Surface Mount Technology): Components are soldered directly onto the PCB surface, offering miniaturization and higher assembly density.

THT (Through-Hole Technology): Component leads are inserted through holes in the PCB and soldered on the opposite side, providing mechanical strength for robust applications.

BGA (Ball Grid Array): A type of SMT package with numerous solder balls on the bottom for electrical connection, often used for high-pin-count integrated circuits.

Hybrid assembly lines: Combine SMT and THT processes on a single production line to cater to products requiring both technologies for optimal functionality.

How do we do it?

Utilizing cutting-edge Surface Mount Technology (SMT), our PCB assembly lines ensure high-speed and precise placement of surface mount components, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability. Complementing this, our assembly lines are equipped for Through-Hole assembly processes, providing versatility to handle diverse components and accommodate various design requirements. Our commitment to quality control is fortified with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems for real-time visual inspections, identifying defects and ensuring adherence to specified standards. Additionally, we employ In-Circuit Testing (ICT) to meticulously test each PCB assembly, detecting faults and verifying electrical performance to ensure functionality and integrity.

Why us?

With extensive experience in electronic manufacturing, Indic EMS Electronics offers versatile PCB assembly lines capable of handling diverse requirements, from prototypes to large-scale production. Our teams customize assembly processes to accommodate the unique needs of each project, whether it involves a complex, high-density board or a simpler design. We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions, encompassing design, prototyping, full-scale production, and rigorous testing.

Our Capabilities
Assembly Types
Surface Mount
Single & double-sided SMT/PTH
Mixed Technology (SMT/Through-hole)
Solder Types
Lead Free
ROHS compliant
ROHS compliant
Flexible PCBs
Up to 20 layers
Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
Blind and buried vias
RoHS compliant
Flexible PCBs
Up to 20 layers
Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
Blind and buried vias
RoHS compliant
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