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What is turnkey PCB Assembly?

Indic EMS Electronics offers turnkey PCB assembly services, providing a comprehensive and streamlined solution for clients seeking a hassle-free electronic manufacturing process. From concept to final product, our turnkey PCB assembly services encompass design, component sourcing, assembly, and testing, guaranteeing a smooth and effective process.

How does Indic do Turnkey PCB assembly?

Our global network ensures timely and cost-effective component sourcing, minimizing delays and optimizing costs. With advanced PCB assembly lines equipped with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) capabilities, we offer high-speed and precise assembly for various component types. Our turnkey services include Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for real-time defect identification, and In-Circuit Testing (ICT) to guarantee functionality and reliability.

Why us?

Our turnkey PCB assembly services offer end-to-end solutions, providing clients with a single point of contact for the entire manufacturing process.

Our Capabilities
Rigid PCBs
Up to 24 layers
Panel Size up to 21ʺx26ʺ
Metal core or metal backed
A wide range of laminates
Copper thickness – 8 Oz. inner layer/16 Oz. outer layer
Rigid Flex PCBs
24+ layers
A wide range of custom finishes
Metal core or metal backed
UL qualified
Flexible PCBs
Up to 20 layers
Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
Blind and buried vias
RoHS compliant
Frequently Asked Questions

There are mainly two types of turnkey PCB assembly: Full Turnkey: The service provider handles all aspects, including PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, assembly, and testing. Partial Turnkey: The customer may supply some materials or components, and the service provider completes the rest of the manufacturing process.

In electronics, "turnkey" describes a service or project solution where the provider manages all stages of the electronics manufacturing process, including design, procurement, manufacturing, and assembly, delivering a final product that is ready for immediate use.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing and assembly is an all-inclusive service covering the entire process of creating printed circuit boards, from fabricating the PCBs to sourcing components and completing the assembly, offering a ready-to-use board to the customer.

Turnkey assembly is a manufacturing service where the provider oversees the entire assembly process of a product, from sourcing materials and components to the final assembly, ensuring the product is ready for use or sale immediately upon delivery.

The term "turnkey" refers to a product or service that is ready for immediate use upon delivery. It comes from the idea of a house being ready to move into as soon as the key is turned in the lock, implying no additional work is required by the buyer.

Turnkey EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) involves a comprehensive service provided by EMS companies that manage the entire manufacturing process of electronic components and assemblies, from design and procurement to assembly and testing, delivering a ready-to-use product.

Quick turn PCB assembly refers to the rapid production of PCBs, focusing on speed and efficiency. This service is designed for projects requiring fast turnaround times, often to meet tight deadlines or for prototype testing.

Turnkey PCB assembly is a service where a single vendor handles all aspects of the PCB project, including component procurement, PCB manufacturing, and assembly. This approach simplifies the process for customers, as they only need to provide design files.

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