What are assembly tools and fixture designs?

Designing assembly tools and fixtures for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) is crucial for ensuring efficient and accurate assembly processes. These tools and fixtures help secure components, align PCBs, facilitate soldering, and improve overall productivity.

How does Indic accomplish this?

Indic utilizes Component Placement Jigs to accurately position surface-mount components on the PCB. These jigs consist of a base with slots or holes matching component footprints, along with a mechanism for aligning the PCB. Depending on assembly complexity, these jigs can be manual or semi-automatic.

Stencil Alignment Frames are employed during solder paste application to ensure precise alignment between the PCB and stencil. They support the stencil, featuring alignment pins for accurate paste deposition onto PCB pads.

Reflow Fixtures secure PCBAs during reflow soldering, preventing movement and ensuring consistent heating and cooling. They may include adjustable clamps, support rails, and thermal insulation for temperature uniformity.

Wave Soldering Fixtures secure PCBs during the wave soldering process, ensuringproper orientation and alignment to minimize solder bridging or misalignment ofthrough-hole components.

Test Fixtures are used for functional testing and electrical verification, featuring spring-loaded pogo pins or bed-of-nails probes for electrical contact. They may incorporate pneumatic or mechanical mechanisms for reliable contact.

Programming Fixtures program microcontrollers and programmable devices, providing a secure interface with features like pogo pin arrays or ZIF sockets for easy device insertion and removal.

Assembly Workbenches offer dedicated workspaces for operators, equipped with ergonomic features, storage solutions, adjustable-height surfaces, overhead lighting, and integrated power outlets.

Customized Tooling, beyond standard fixtures, addresses specific challenges or unique PCB designs. This may include specialized clamps, vacuum pick-up tools, fixture inserts for odd-shaped PCBs, or custom solder stencils for unique component footprints.

Why Indic?

We offer tailored solutions, providing dedicated tools customized to match the unique requirements of each project. Our collaboration with trusted third-party vendors ensures timely delivery, supporting your New Product Introduction (NPI) timelines effectively. With a comprehensive range covering everything from jigs to fixtures, Indic ensures that every aspect of your PCB assembly process is covered. You can rely on us for precision and quality, with tools engineered to deliver accurate results consistently. Additionally, our flexibility allows for customization to address specific challenges or designs, ensuring that your assembly process runs smoothly and efficiently.


At INDIC Electronics, we understand the critical role components play in the overall performance of your electronic devices. Our dedicated component sourcing team ensures the procurement of high-quality components from trusted suppliers.

  • Dedicated tools for each project
  • Third party vendors to design and deliver tools on time to support NPI
Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of fixtures, including clamping fixtures, welding fixtures, assembly fixtures, and machining fixtures, each designed for specific processes in manufacturing to enhance efficiency and precision.

The difference between a jig and a fixture lies in their use; jigs guide the tool to the workpiece, while fixtures hold the workpiece in place. Jigs are used for precision while fixtures ensure stability.

The fixture design procedure involves analyzing workpiece requirements, selecting materials, conceptualizing the design, CAD modeling, and finally, manufacturing and testing the fixture for efficacy.

Materials used for fixture design include metals (aluminum, steel), plastics (ABS, Delrin), and composites, chosen for their durability, resistance, and application-specific properties.

The assembly of a PCB involves attaching electronic components to a printed circuit board using soldering techniques. This process transforms a bare board into a functional electronic device.

An assembly fixture is a specialized tool used to hold components in precise alignment during the assembly process. It ensures components are accurately positioned for soldering or other joining methods.

A fixture in PCB manufacturing is a custom-designed support or frame that securely holds PCBs in place during various assembly and testing processes, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Tooling and fixture design involves creating custom tools and supports to hold, handle, or guide components during manufacturing processes, ensuring precision, efficiency, and safety. It's critical for repetitive and high-accuracy operations.

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