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What is consigned PCB Assembly?

Indic EMS Electronics understands that flexibility is crucial in electronic manufacturing. Our consigned PCB assembly solutions cater to clients who prefer to provide their own components for the assembly process. With our expertise in assembly and testing, we ensure a seamless integration of client-provided components into high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs).

How do we do it?

In our consigned assembly process, clients provide components, and we seamlessly integrate stringent quality control measures. Thorough inspections, testing, and adherence to industry standards are implemented to ensure the impeccable quality of the final assembled PCBs. Moreover, our consigned PCB assembly services prioritize flexibility and adaptability, accommodating partial or complete component sets with an approach that ensures efficient and precise assembly.

PCB components
Why Indic?

With a proven track record in PCB assembly, our teams possess the expertise to handle diverse consigned projects. From prototypes to large-scale production, our experience ensures the success of each consigned assembly project.

Our Capabilities
RoHS compliant PCB assembly
Plated-through hole, Surface Mount as well Mixed Technologies.
Leaded as well as lead free assemblies
Quick turnaround
Custom testing and DFM checkings
Customer support
Frequently Asked Questions

It allows more control over component selection, can be cost-effective, and offers flexibility with proprietary or scarce components.

Full Turnkey Pros: Simplifies customer involvement, faster turnaround. Cons: Higher costs, less control over components. Consignment Pros: Greater control over components, potential cost savings. Cons: More customer effort, risk of delays.

In consigned assembly, the customer supplies the components, and the service provider assembles the PCB. In turnkey assembly, the service provider manages the entire process, from sourcing components to assembly, delivering a complete product without the customer needing to provide materials.

Consignment assembly is a manufacturing service where the customer provides all or most of the components required for the PCB assembly to the service provider. The assembler then uses these supplied parts to complete the assembly process.

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