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What is Box Build Solution?

Box build solutions in electronics manufacturing (EMS) involve taking a completed PCB and assembling it with other components within an enclosure (the "box") to create a finished product. This often includes tasks like selecting the enclosure, installing additional components, wiring, testing, and packaging. It offers benefits like efficiency, quality control, faster time to market, and reduced complexity for various industries like medical devices, consumer electronics, and more.

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How do we do Box Build Solutions?

Indic offers the following box build solutions:

Build to Order

Build to Order (BTO) is a production strategy where we manufacture or assemble products based on specific customer orders rather than being produced in anticipation of future demand. In a BTO system, production begins only after an order is received, allowing for greater customization and flexibility in meeting your requirements.

Build to Configure

Build to Configure (BTC) is a manufacturing strategy similar to Build to Order (BTO) but with a greater emphasis on customization through configurable product options. In a Build to Configure system, products are designed and manufactured with a base set of features and components that can be easily configured or customized according to individual customer specifications. This allows customers to select from predefined options or configurations to tailor the product to their specific needs, while still benefiting from a streamlined production process.

System Integration

System integration refers to the process of bringing together different subsystems or components into one cohesive and functional system. This process involves ensuring that the individual components of a larger system work together smoothly to achieve the intended functionality, performance, and interoperability. System integration can be applied across various domains, including information technology, engineering, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Why Indic?

Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians possesses extensive experience in all aspects of box build, from PCB assembly to final testing and packaging. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the entire box build process. We implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage, from component selection and assembly to final inspection and testing. Our streamlined processes and efficient infrastructure allow us to deliver cost-effective box build solutions with fast turnaround times.

Our Capabilities
Rigid PCBs
Up to 24 layers
Panel Size up to 21ʺx26ʺ
Metal core or metal backed
A wide range of laminates
Copper thickness – 8 Oz. inner layer/16 Oz. outer layer
Rigid Flex PCBs
24+ layers
A wide range of custom finishes
Metal core or metal backed
UL qualified
Flexible PCBs
Up to 20 layers
Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
Blind and buried vias
RoHS compliant
Frequently Asked Questions

Box build solutions are highly customizable to meet specific customer needs and product requirements. This flexibility allows for a wide range of product complexities and functionalities, from simple enclosures with a single PCB to complex systems with multiple integrated components and technologies.

The Bill of Materials (BOM) in box build assembly is a comprehensive list detailing every part and component required for the assembly, including quantities, specifications, and supplier information. It serves as a critical resource for planning, purchasing, and assembling the final product.

A box build assembly can include the enclosure, all internal components (like PCBs, power supplies, displays), wiring and cable harnesses, firmware loading, functional testing, labeling, and packaging.

The box build manufacturing process involves several steps: Design and Prototyping: Conceptualizing the final product and creating prototypes. Sourcing Components: Obtaining all necessary parts, including PCBs, hardware, and cables. Assembly: Physically assembling the components into the final enclosure. Wiring and Cable Management: Connecting components within the enclosure. Testing: Ensuring the assembly meets functional and quality standards. Packaging and Shipping: Preparing the final product for delivery.

An example of a box build could be the assembly of a consumer electronics product, like a computer, where various components such as the motherboard, power supply, and hard drives are installed into the computer case, along with wiring and cable management.

Box build assembly, also known as systems integration, is the comprehensive process of assembling complex electronic and mechanical components into a final product enclosure. It goes beyond PCB assembly to include the integration of all components into a complete system or sub-system.

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