Swedish Innovation Meets Indian Manufacturing Excellence at INDIC

June 27, 2024

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Our Client

A Swedish, Impact Tech company and their solar powered water distribution system is designed to enable small-hold farmers, who produce one-third of the global food, to generate more food in up to 80% less water, improve their livelihoods and contribute to a resilient and sustainable food production system.

The patented technology is mobile and robust which allows the users to easily move and use the system wherever they want.

The Challenge

Scalability Issues: Despite the high quality, their Taiwanese partner struggled in scaling production to meet our client’s global demand.

Need for Change: To sustain their market position, our client needed a partner who could match their pace and scale up to their rapid growth.

Discovery of INDIC

Transition to INDIC

  • Cost Efficiency: The production cost of the product was reduced by 45%, primarily due to lower labor costs and streamlined supply chain management in India.
  • Market Expansion: Client increase in sales by penetrating the Indian market, attributed to localized marketing strategies and a better understanding of consumer preferences.
  • Productivity: The new manufacturing plant, INDIC achieved a 25% higher output compared to the Taiwan facility, thanks to the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and process optimizations.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous training and quality assurance processes led to a decrease in defect rates by 15% within three months.
  • Sustainability: The company’s commitment to sustainability was strengthened by displaying the on-field application of its renewable energy based product for water needs, reducing the carbon footprint significantly.
  • Strategic Goals: Our Client successfully used its Indian operations as a launchpad to enter other Asian and African markets, leading to a significant growth in its overall market share.


This case study highlights the successful partnership between our Swedish impact tech client and INDIC Electronics, which overcame significant scalability challenges. By shifting their manufacturing base to INDIC, our client achieved a remarkable reduction in production costs and an increase in efficiency and market reach. The collaboration enabled entry into new markets in Asia and Africa and reinforced a shared commitment to sustainability. This strategic partnership not only enhanced our client's market presence but also set a new standard for integrating advanced manufacturing with innovative technology for global impact.

Prateek Srivastava
June 27, 2024

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