At Indic, we understand that a robust and efficient supply chain is the backbone of any successful electronics manufacturing operation. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive supply chain management solutions that ensure timely delivery, reduced costs, and complete transparency.

Sourcing – Presales activities: Bidding/Current Production

Indic sourcing has elevated the traditional sourcing approach to advance sourcing to meet the current market / client requirements. The advanced sourcing team leverages their expertise in component engineering to effectively choose the most suitable components at competitive prices and optimal lead times. This ensures smooth supplies for various stages including NPI (New Product Introduction), Prototype, Pilot lot and the production batches.

a. Precision Component Selection: Our team's deep understanding of component engineering enables them to identify and select the right components with precision. This ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards while remaining cost-effective.

b. Component Engineering: Semiconductor components/boards require a high degree of precision in BOM design and to meet the demanding specifications of today's applications in this fast-paced world. Our Indic component engineering team plays a crucial role in analysing the BOM & suggesting alternates to ensuring that our products are designed with meticulous attention to detail, maximizing performance and reliability.

c. Competitive Pricing: Through diligent market analysis and negotiation skills, our Advance Sourcing Team secures competitive prices for components without compromising on quality. This cost-efficiency contributes to our bottom line while enhancing our competitiveness in the market.

d. Optimized Lead time: Timely delivery is paramount in today's fast-paced business environment. By proactively managing lead times, our team ensures uninterrupted supplies, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity across all stages of product development and production.

e. Seamless Supplies: With Indic sourcing, we guarantee a seamless supply chain that is agile and responsive to our evolving needs. This reliability fosters trust with our clients and strengthens our reputation as a dependable partner in their success.

f. Holistic Approach for Complete Product Sourcing: Indic team takes a holistic approach to sourcing, considering every aspect of the product lifecycle, from component procurement to assembly and beyond. This comprehensive perspective enables us to offer integrated solutions that streamline operations and drive efficiency. With a deep understanding of PCBA, Boxbuild, Cable Harness, and other intricate processes, our team possesses the technical proficiency required to navigate complex sourcing challenges with panache. Their expertise ensures that every component and assembly meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

g. Supplier Relationship: Building strong relationships with suppliers is essential for successful sourcing. Hence Indic prioritizes open communication, transparency, and collaboration with our suppliers to ensure mutual understanding and alignment of goals to grow mutually & strategically.

h. Market Intelligence: Keeping abreast of market trends, industry developments, and competitor intelligence paves the way for the team to make informed sourcing decisions.

i. Cost Productivity: With the blurred global boundaries, the know how about the electronics boom and the subsequent components proliferation in global as well as domestic arena equips the sourcing team to provide cost effective alternates for the existing BOM in order to increase the cost productivity & increase the value-add proportion to the customer.

 2. Purchase – Post sales activities / Order fulfilment.

a. Precision in Order Placement: With a deep understanding of our products, market dynamics, and customer needs, our Indic team ensures that orders are placed with precision. By accurately interpreting customer requirements and aligning them with our capabilities, we set the stage for successful fulfilment.

b. Efficiency and Accuracy: Time is of the essence in today's competitive landscape. Our Indic experts excel in optimizing order processing workflows, minimizing delays, and maximizing efficiency. This ensures that orders are swiftly moved through our system, reducing lead times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

c. Effective Communication: Clear and proactive communication is key to managing customer expectations and providing a superior experience. Our Indic team excels in keeping customers informed at every stage of the fulfilment process, from order confirmation to shipping updates, fostering trust and confidence in our brand.

d. Continuous Improvement: In the pursuit of excellence, our Indic experts are committed to continuous improvement. By analyzing data, soliciting feedback, and identifying areas for optimization, they drive ongoing enhancements to our order fulfillment processes, ensuring we remain at the forefront of customer satisfaction

e. Inventory Management: Effective inventory management is essential for maintaining adequate stock levels and fulfilling orders promptly.

f. Risk Management: Indic SCM conducts thorough risk assessments, diversify our supplier base, and develop contingency plans to minimize disruptions and ensure continuity of supply.